Sold/Expired Large Bore Bb/F Holton Trom for sale


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In excellent condition!

moved on to bass trombone, so there's no point having this sat in the case not being played.

Large bore - so nice and loud! Supplied with a "5" mouthpiece. The instrument is lacquer finished, with a rose brass bell. Played very regularly (almost daily) up to Christmas.

slight marks in lacquer and there are couple of very small dings in the bell - from the inside where it's been put onto the trombone stand a little carelessly by the previous owner. Nothing too noticable and certainly not enough to affect the sound. In my opinion, it's a very good quality instrument which sounds great!

Supplied in the usual Holton case, which as with all trombone cases, is bulky but suitably strong. There's plenty of space in the inner compartment for mouthpieces, lyre, slide cream, water etc..

Offers around £600

Oh, and for those tht know me, It's my brothers trom (i can't play the dammed things)!!

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