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Go for it. And make it stick. It's down to you at the end of the day. Sounds like you're probably a better player than you give youself credit for. Work hard at it and your playing will improve even more, and very quickly.

Show them all how good YOU are.


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I'm going to say the opposite to nearly everyone else. If YOU don't think you are good enough, don't do it. The added pressure won't help your confidence and may well spoil your enjoyment of rehearsals. When sitting lower down you can learn from those above, just by listening to them and how it all fits together. But when you are in the top seat you're on your own. I have to play solo horn (as there is no one else) and can honestly say I've not really enjoyed any rehearsals since the move. I'd give it up tomorrow given the chance!


I was in a similar position at the start of this year. I would have much prefered to stay on 1st horn for another year or two (only been playing for 2 years). When I was asked to play solo horn I was excited by the idea, but also scared that I was going to make a fool of myself and everyone would wonder what I was doing there!! It's worked out ok. My top range is still not good enough, but I feel like I'm improving.

In the end the decision comes down to you, but I think having a go is certainly worthwhile.


Agree with all the above - You'll probably find that you're perfectly capable of the part and if you're the sort of person to relish a challenge and get stuck in then go for it!

Best of Luck
I would say go for it if you feel it's something you want, or at least try it for a while. As with many people who have replied, i was in a similar situation when i was 12 (i think it was 12, i can't really remember) when i was playing 2nd cornet in my band and was asked if i would like to play flugel. I had support from the band and the MD and so did it. I'm sure i was shockingly awful for while!, but i stuck with it and it really made me strive to improve and now i'm studying performance at uni, so there's no limit to what you can do if you push yourself a bit.
Although if you find it too much, then make sure there is no pressure there, and that you have the option to swap back to your old position :)

Also, if it's general confidence in your personal playing that is an issue for you then check out this book- The Secrets of Musical Confidence by Andrew Evans. It was recommended to me by my teacher and it really is very helpful :)

Rambo Chick

Doc64 said:
Looking for some advice.
What would you do, if you were sitting in a position within your band that you felt comfortable with, but other players in the band wanted you to sit in a more prominent position, because they have more faith in your playing abilities than you do yourself?
Would you move and give it a try or would you stay put?



YES YES YES YES YES! I would definitely give it a go. Years back I was sat happily on 2nd cornet when I got asked to move to flugel. After much thought I accepted (I had only been playing six months at that time and was very much a beginner!) and 8 years later Im still loving it, plus Iv just graduated with a degree in music because of giving flugel a try!
I play the flute and was asked, when I was 15 to join the county orchestra. I didn't want to because I wasn't confident in my own ability as a player (I'm still not either by the way) but I was told to give it a month. I did and found I could cope OK with what was being expected of me. I made a point of saying to people around me I was useless & to be prepared for some funny noises from me!
You could ask to try your new seat on a month trial basis or you could say actually, no it's not for me at the moment but you should give it a try, I always think now I would have been disappointed in myself if I hadn't given it a try.
Make sure your MD knows your worried, he/she may be able to put your mind at ease.
Best of luck to you


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Stick at it, the more you do it the more you will become used to it.
One day you'll wonder what the fuss was about!

Congrats on the position!.

Tris :)

elizabeth connor

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Go for it! You have nothing to loose and if you don't like the higher position you can always go back, the thing is - people obviously think you have the potential which is a great compliment , if you put in the practice and have a good teacher it will help your confidence, listen to other prominent and well known players of your chosen instrument, go and listen to top quality bands - it will inspire you to great things!
A few years ago i played Repiano at Freckleton band - the conductor of the time asked me to play principal cornet for a contest - the piece being ENGLISH HERITAGE, an absolute rock hard cornet part, i never thought i could do it but practised and practiced like mad, on the contest stage i was shaking like a leaf but managed to pulled it off knowing that i could play the part because of the time i had put in at home- it did wonders for my confidence and i never looked back.
Liz : )


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Go for it!! You'll probably find you'll really enjoy it.

At first you may think you won't handle it, but as you've been in the seat for a while, your playing will surely improve up to it! And if everyone has confidence in you, then you should have as well! :clap::)

GO FOR IT I SAY! :biggrin::biggrin:


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The fact that you have the confidence of the band and conductor behind you should already have boosted your confidence. Go for it. :tup

Confidence takes a real knock when you have to play a part and you know the conductor and possibly the rest of the band don't think you're up to it or would have preferred an alternative if at all possible! Playing under those circumstances is a real confidence 'knocker'. :eek:

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