L&SC Regional Contest cancelled - What next?


As many of you will no doubt be aware, the Regional Committee for the L&SC Region have made the decision to cancel next weekend's (21/22 March) contest.

See announcement on their website homepage

I anticipate that there are numerous reactions to this news, ranging from begrudging acceptance through to anger (the venue is still open, etc).

Now that the decision has been made, I'm intrigued by any speculation tMP forum users might have as to what could happen next? Is there any chance of rescheduling the contest? Do any bands from the L&SC Region get to go to the Nationals? If so, how would you pick the bands? If not, can we have Nationals without representation from all the Regions?

What do you think?

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I believe that in Continental Europe Band competitions have been cancelled and that there is therefore a model to follow with regard to placing and onward competition. To my mind the simplest thing to do is to set aside all results for this year and start again next year, that’s maybe not a completely fair and reasonable thing to do but it is a pragmatic solution to a complex problem.

Personally I think that the L&SC region committee should be supported, they have made an exceedingly difficult and possibly unpopular choice in a time of impending crisis. It will no doubt be a decision that upsets many people, however some Bands-men and Bands-women will (literally) die from Coronavirus and providing any transmission routes for it to potential victims isn’t a good idea.

To have put so much effort into preparing for a contest and then to have had it cancelled must be really upsetting - I’d be somewhat upset and looking for someone to blame. I also have sympathy with those that say that the venue is still open, to my mind it shouldn’t be and it might well be closed shortly. Events are moving so quickly and to some extent in an unpredictable way, difficult times ahead. To me ‘don’t panic and carry on’ seems timeless advice.
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Understand why London chose not to go ahead
think they should just draw the bands from a bag to represent the region at the finals
tables should stay the same with each band getting the midway points as per religated or promoted but no movements up or down this year


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I think L&SC did the right thing, and should be applauded for it. The band I conduct have a number of people who could be seen as venerable to the virus and we were already discussing if going next weekend was the right thing to do or not. I'm sure the decision will cause some difficulties for L&SC and bands in the region need to make sure we support them.

This is, after all is said and done, a hobby.


as it happens L&SC made the right call - if they hadn't cancelled it last Friday I presume it would have had to be cancelled now given that it takes place in a leisure centre. Personally I would still like to see them put some bands through to the finals , it would be interesting if they drew lots to see how those bands done especially if they're bands currently near the bottom of their grading table