Know your Italian terms?

Dave Payn

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Good, but how well can you recognise them in anagram form? ;-) Below are a number of Italian musical terms, varying from tempo, to style of performance etc. Good luck! Please PM me only with your answers. Ta

Cover a village (7, 6)

Balance it (9)

Riot tune (8 )

Some spirits (11)

German tale (10)

Eaten leg (8 )

I’m so soup! (3, 5)

Lord Acne-Ace (11)

Grindstone (10)

To boil bag (9)

Land notes (9)

Rattle hog (9)

Farted on fat (11)


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pm sent - was stuck on a couple overnight but worked them out straight away when I looked again this morning :wink:


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PeterBale said:
pm sent - was stuck on a couple overnight but worked them out straight away when I looked again this morning :wink:

think you sent them to me by mistake Peter... but at least now I know all the answers! :D

I'll refrain from entering with my unfairly obtained answers though...

Dave Payn

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Accidental said:
you're definitely getting meaner Payn!

What, me???? Awwww! How could you?? ;-)

BTW, very nice to meet you and your band on Sunday! ;-) Having had Maestro kindly help out Croydon on Saturday (and thank you once again for that, Kev), I'm building up my portfolio of 'tMP-ers I've met'! ;-)

Dave Payn

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Right, I'v had a fair few answers. Is there anyone lese out there wating a bit more time? If not, I'll post the answers etc. in an hour or so.




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Re: Italian terms

Spanky Rear said:
What does ' scorrevolente ' mean?
It's actually a misprint: it should read "scoreviolente", and it means "I can't play this bit so I'm ripping up the music" :shock: :oops: :wink:


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Dave Payn said:
I'm extending this until midday tomorrow. ;-)

And is the winner this time gonna be picked out of the hat rather than the FIRST correct entry, cus see, we don't all got access to the internet at work. Can you imagine that? 8.30am til 3pm with no tMP? :cry: Our computers at work at just "work stations, blimey, we only just got allowed communication to other departments within the building let alone the big outside world. :cry:


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