Know where to find these...?


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Anyone know where I can get hold of these CD's, or know anything about them?

"Best of Brass 1983"
"Brass Pins"
"Continental Brass"
"National Brass Band Festival 1986"
"Love Songs In Brass" - Valentines Day coming up as well! :lol:
"Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 1998"
"Sing Sing Sing"
"Highlights from the BBC Television Brass Band Contest"

Lol, quite a lot of them. but any help in finding them to buy or get copies would be appreciated!
Cheers, Alex

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I did see the Love songs once 6 months ago in HMV when attending a brass ensemble workshop in I have answered your question....but rather uselessly :wink:


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Alex, do you know the bands for any of these? If it came to it you could maybe contact the bands direct...

After World of Brass, its worth contacting Studio and R Smith - they always seem to carry a huge range of cds at contests, so you never know!

fwiw, the 98 Europeans is a "World Wind Music" CD, and I think Continental Brass (Desford) was Obrasso - I "lost" my copy years ago!


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I think I may have a spare tape of Desford's "Variations" as I managed to pick up a second-hand cd copy last year. If you are interested, pm me.

I believe the "Best of Brass 1983", "National Brass Festival 1986" and "Highlights from the BBC Television Brass Band contest" were all produced by Polyphonic, but may not have been available on cd.

One place always worth trying for older recordings (mainly lps but quite a few cassettes as well) is Keith Quinn Memorabilia:

It may be worth emailing him for anything in particular you may be after.


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Cheers guys, shall try all these when I can find time- probably not till Monday, but shall post what I find!
Thanks, Alex


Thanks Peter

Yes, I can certainly help Alex in his search for some of the recordings shown on his list.

It is worth remembering when searching for recordings that the first Brass Band LP was introduced in 1957. CD's were launched in 1983 and the first Brass Band CD was issued in 1985 - "Blitz" by Black Dyke Mills on Chandos CHAN 8370.

If you will email me Alex then I will be able to tell you what I have in stock, and also give you the label names and serials for those that I do not, if it is helpful to you.

My website will be updated in the near future, and there will be several additions to the recordings lists, as well as in the memorabila section.


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