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Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering how much demand there is for percussionists that play kit. Do bands want percussionists who play tuned and untuned percussion who are generally all round and will have a go at anything, or is there a preference for specialist players. e.g. Tuned and Kit being two completely different instruments implying different techniques.

Especially Championship Section Bands, What are they after??


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i think all percussionists r needed really, depends wot piece u play tho, the 2nd section piece celestial prospect ( or celestial pile of shit ) had about 6 percussion notes and the percussion parts had about 1000 bars rest, it was stupid, neway as i sed i think all types r in demand, if ur in a band, keep the percs uve got, good 1s r hard 2 come by


Most bands I have played for like all-rounders, it means everyone can cover every part if necessary. Due to the nature of some of the pieces championship section bands play, you would be very bored if you were limited to the kit parts and in some test pieces (chivalry springs to mind) would be unable to play in the contest unless you could play tuned/timps as both (non timp) percussion parts had tuned stuff on as well as snare etc. However, some bands do advertise specifically for tuned/kit players, so obviously have individuals for each element. I prefer the have a go at everything bands....more scope for enjoying the rehearsals!

Naomi McFadyen

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Definatly players who do both tuned and untuned...
and if any players say they only play kit, they will end up playing tuned at some point! Believe me! ;-)
We are fortunate in our band to have 3 regulars on perc. Whilst they all play a bit of everything there is a clear distinction between the kit player, timp player and tuned player.


I love it. Percussionists are in a real heavy demand in the North East yet us at Murton have got five. yes FIVE playing for Durham day
There are three of us at Grimethorpe.

ordered in preference or necessity

Peter Matthews - 1) Timps 2) tuned 3) Kit
David Hartland - 1) Tuned 2) Kit 3) timps
Mark Arnold - 1) Kit 2) timps 3) tuned

We basically stay to the first options order but can swap around if required.

I tend to feel that most bands want all around percs because of the shortage of drummers, so one or two players can cover most parts


:lol: Yep, we've got the same policy down here at Flowers, Mark.

Basically, we stick to our strengths where and when nessecary. Sounds like you have that policy too at Grimey. I must admit, my sight reading on tuned perc. is bloody awful. I think I'll stick to kit!!!


My band would be happy if a percussionist just turned up! :lol:

One left for a new life in grease, and the other one hasn't been seen since Whit Friday (heavily soiled and quite possibly drunk)

I'd imagine an all round percussionist would go down just as well as a specaialist one!


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Thats teh view our band shares ..... we have one ... but in our section there are load of percussion parts .. that we just don't hear!! :D

THere seems to be a shortage down south don't you think?


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We used to have three percussionists, but much of the Salvation Army repertoire we play doesn't really have enough to keep three fully occupied, so one migrated to trombone. When we need extra, as for Elsa's Procession, or for latin american percussion, we commandeer additional players from among the band.


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we have 3 percussionists, but is usually the two of us on tuned or timps and darren (Bagpuss) on the kit. But sometimes we both have a go at kit.....


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