King Of Elflands Daughter

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Stop winging and just play the bloody note...It's not that bad..

Next time I borrow your Tuba, I will put a lot of them in it for you....


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I was just wondering through Trafford Centre the other week and thought 'on the off chance' (I must admit it did feel a little like J.R. Hartley looking for Fly Fishing!)

Anyway, not too sound too much of a gimpy, the melodies may sound the same but if you look at the score some of them are in different rhythms and time signatures! (Which is going to sort the men from the boys!)


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I'd rather be with the boys than with the monitor for the 'drip tray' underneath the tam-tam!


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While some may like to interpret the music to themselves, I know some like to listen to other bands recordings to get ideas. If you are of the latter King of Elfland's Daughter is on the BAYVCory Recording 'Wildfire.'

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Played the piece for the first time last Thursday, for nearly a full 2 hours. I must say, that after about an hour I got bored...
Very repetative....


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Well, had my first taste of 1st Section last night, turned up at Langley band and got the testpiece shoved in front of me! Talk about extreme sight-reading :)

Although I was on 1st Horn, the piece wasnt as hard as I was expecting (it's fairly light on Horns apart from the Troll bit and the echos in the slow passages) so hopefully looking forward to my first Finals at Harrogate! :p

The basses and bass trom have got some belters in the pedal region! Good luck to them..

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