Kelly Mouthpieces.. Gimmick or not?


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wow i want one... so pretty... :shock: and only £10...

They're supposed to be better because...

1) they dont go cold when sat outside or in cold churches, or carroling etc etc
2) They're more comfortable & supposedly make your lip last longer

I would like one, but i can't help feeling they're a bit of a gimmick :?

Has anybody got one, what do you think?


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Someone got me a nice purple one....... :shock:

Apart from the colour, they are really good. Maybe the new craze will not to buy a whole set of new instruments for a band, it will be matching plastic mouthpieces!


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Hi Julian, im sure it would go vey well with your jackets, but the clash beween purple and our green jackets is not something that should be seen..............!!


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the fish said:
Someone got me a nice purple one.......


Should fit in with our colours nicely next time you help us out!

I think I've been scarred for life by growing up wearing those jackets; example: I was at a wedding yesterday, and the bridesmaids were wearing very fetching purple dresses - instant association - Wantage Silver Band. I'm sick!


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So the verdict's good then! good good i'm going to go ahead and buy one! he he wow... can't make up my mind... purple or glow in the dark?? hmmmm....

rite have to go and get my card now...... 8)
I've got a ridiculous lime green no.18 tuba version. Don't think a 24AW version is available yet. I used it a couple of times on the ISB tour during Hallelujah Parade at the start of the 2nd half of our concerts. It certainly caused some comment! I heard one American say 'he's got a British horn but an Irish mouthpiece'!
I've not used it outside in the cold yet but indoors it did tend to overheat after about 5 minutes use!


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I use one of these and dont think they are a gimmick at all. I bought it initally a it was about £40 less than the VB i wanted and for the price I could afford to get it, not like it and sell it to a kid who thought it was cool. I love it now, it is definitely more comfortable to play on than a brass m/piece and there is no detraction from the sound or response. (And yeah, they look cool :wink: )

Dave Euph

Wow, I really like the colours of some of them ... unfortunately they only offer VB 5G and 1.5G sizes for euphonium, and on my 4.5AL Wick mouthpiece - I'd rather not change sizes again ...

Oh well ...

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