Kelly Holmes / Mens Relay


How many of you have been glued to your TV sets for the past few hours?
I don't think I've ever cheered at the TV so much!!!!!
What a fantastic display by the GB Team.
I don't know what I'll do next week - probably catch up with 'Neighbours'!!

What has been your highlight of the Olympics?

I think mine has been tonight, Matthew Pinsent & co and Dean Maceys performance in the Decathlon.


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My dad was cheering on the relay team in the way he usually reserves for football!! It was excellent telly.... just waiting to see how this boxing dude's going to do!

Edit: fav moment.... probably watching the 3 day eventing and leslie law jumping a cracking round!!

Naomi McFadyen

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When I first saw the thread subject I thought Kelly H had taken part *in* the mens relay! :lol:
But yes, the Olymics has been great this year! :)
The swimming and gymnastics was awsome and the highlight of it all for me!


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i saw that, and had i been the only person in the room, i would have been cheering soooooooo much, only the rest of my family were there so i restrained myself. my family already think theres summat wrong with me, coz i went out for a walk today...

but rock on GB team! :metal: :woo :metal: :woo


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Naruco said:
When I first saw the thread subject I thought Kelly H had taken part *in* the mens relay! :lol:

This might have been the case if we were a country like Russia where the women look more like blokes than the actual guys do!


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Would like to apologise to all you Russians out there and state that i am not a russian hater as I like vodka and many other things to come out of Russia...such as Communism(only kidding...or am I, mwahahaha)


Before we offend any more Russians! ;)

Heather said:
What has been your highlight of the Olympics?

There has been so many highlights from this year's games, it is impossible to pick just one event!

I think the prize for most bizarre event would have to be the Maddison Cycling (I can't explain it at all :S!).

Dave Euph

I loved the cycling at this years olympics, something I rarely take an interest in at all! But the athletics has had me glued to the set - and I rarely watch TV nowadays.


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What about the Badminton Mixed Doubles Final... WOW, I have never been so riveted to the end of my seat... it was superb tv watching.


I am pleased we have done well this year but I am gutted because I've lost this sweep! I said we would get 7 gold's and until Kelly and the relay team won we we're on 7!


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Both the women's pole vault and high jump were spectacular, as some of the pre-event favourites failed to come up to expectations. I would have liked to have seen a big new record set in the pole vault, which I'm sure she could have achieved, but I can understand that she'll get more from sponsorship by putting it up in smaller amounts, as Sergei Bubke used to in the men's event.

I reckon the one who got the rawest deal was Robert Smith in the show-jumping: excellent series of rounds to end up in 5th place, but almost totally ignored in favour of Whittaker, who went into the last round in sight of gold, but ended up back in about 11th place!

Well Worth It

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Watched many of the events whilst away, and I have to say that although gymnastics doesnae really float it for me, the most breathtaking competition has to be the women's teams performing with the hoops and the balls.
Such razzmatazz.
Simply magical.

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I thought the GBR team did fantastic considering they were written off before they set off!

All were outstanding and the medal winners deserve all the applause they can get.

Highlight for me was Pinsent and crew winning and Kelly Holme's expression when she finished in the 800m final!!
Oh yeah...and the usually annoyingly good USA relay teams making a right pigs ear of it!! What a refreshing change.

Any one else feel that there's more to the Paula Radcliffe situation than we've been allowed to hear? I have this fear that there may be something more than just fatigue with her.
Was gutted for her when she pulled out of her races cos I felt she gave absolutely everthing she had in reserve.

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