keep the rhyme going!!


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these poems are really quite fun,
argh, my bro shot me with a pretend gun,
i live in a house with a chimney ont top,
oh look a flying mop


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my poems really are cr*p,
i dont like to wear a cap,
i should be in the land of nod,
but im not im here writing a poem thats a load of shod :?: :dunno

Well Worth It

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I wasn't at work yesterday,
So I have loads of posts to catch up on.
It's time for a bacon buttay,
with margerine and ketchup on.

At this, some ungodly hour of the day,
my English has chosen to leave me.
I've started to flounder, I'm losing my way,
But trying my best, believe me.

Okiedokie of Oz

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Oh goody! Hooray!! What fun!
to write poems while I sit in the sun
and write emails to a girlfriend who left me
long ago before you all met me!

I've had a really good day
got to sleep in a really long way
It sure beats the heck out of waking
before the town is heated by light the sun's making

OK I admit my verse is a tad flawed
and some may be getting quite bored
so I'll switch style to limerick
to see a good gimmick
and watch you tMP'ers applaud!!!!

Well Worth It

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So Okie, please tell me, I'm dying to know
What ultimatum did she give you?
Do you reckon just sending an email or so,
Will help convince her to get back with you?

Okiedokie of Oz

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she was my first love
But when I told her so, she ridiculed me
Now she is my penpal of sorts
and we talk of what is and could be

Well Worth It

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Maybe she needs a little more time,
To restore the lack of her senses.
Then she will realise the catch that you are
and reciprocate all your advances!


I woke up this morning went to my pc
turned it on and what do i see?
A load of new posts on this thread full of verse
for now there is no reason for me to curse

It's good to see so many have written
coz it's made me feel really quite smitten
for starting this thread i didnt think it would last
Come on now let's make it vast

Keep the Rhyme going keep it clean keep it neat
Talk about anything, your hair or your feet?
What you did in the pub last night
had a few drinks or argue and fight?

I really dont care what you type about
whether it's whispered like thisor you scream and shout
Just make sure the little silly thing rhymes
But im sure i've told you a thousand times

Right I'm going now it's someone elses turn
Im going to have to stop before i crash and burn
So come on now lets all have some fun
this rhyming lark has only just begun

Well Worth It

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If the same time was spent in the Arban
as writing poems and the like,
It'd be you Dazzy mate that'd be ga'an
to take up the end chair at Dyke!!!


Switch on tMP, the boss is not looking
time for my mid morning skive,
a screen full of verse, no time to rehearse...
agh he's back...for the reduce button I dive.

Coasts clear again, he's back in his den
time to pen a quick ditty
For should I get caught working for nought
My response shall have to be witty

Time to leave this o so happy thread
filled with song verse and rhyme filled laughter.
I shall return to read what's been said
Why?..its tMP, you just have t'! :D


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To write a verse I will aspire,
But what should the verse be about?
It could be a band or it could be a choir,
But of music I haven't a doubt.

We write in the threads on the forum each day,
Some serious topics we find,
But then there are those that genuinely may
Just drive us right out of our mind.

We make lots of friends here on t M P,
In cyberspace if not for real,
Then when we meet and each other we see
We play, drink and share in a meal.

The instruments brass and percussion we like,
Though wind and the strings some abhor,
But it's usually in fun when they say "On yer bike",
And we don't really show them the door.


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The art of playing soprano
is a very dodgey affair
it's a bit like building mechano
and hoping that everythings there

those high notes sometimes seem so easy
as you start soaring over the band
but suddenly everythings queasy
and it looks like your about to crash-land

Shock notes can be a disaster
as in Y.O.t.D movement three
if you don't get the note that your after
all of the band take the pee

yet despite the painful reminder
of when it goes horribly wrong
you can put all of that far behind ya
when everything's going on song

so step up yo egotist nutters
and pick up the top solo spot
and ignore all the winces and mutters
and show em all just what you've got!


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I've just woken up,
My eyes still shut.
T'is too early for me,
So I won't be a nut.

But you wait till later,
When mornings gone by,
I will be bouncing,
Like the years gone by.


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every1 is good at these rhymings,
the sun on the white van outside is blinding,
im really quite tired,
althou my late getting up some admired

Naomi McFadyen

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one, two, three, four
I know something I adore...

five, six, seven, eight
oops dear me it's way too late...

bad!!! but I wanted to contribute


Well Worth It

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It's a good job us guys are all musical.
As poets, I think we would suffer.
If someone notates our crimes of rhymes,
The performer would sound like a bluffer.


Dazzyboy you've moved onto sop and what a difference its made,
ten times better than our last player played!
When i heard 'On with the Motley' you sounded really great,
Play like that sunday you'll go down a storm mate!

I've heard you've had problems with things down below,
But on that subject I'd rather not go! :?
You've got all summer to relax and rest,
Ready for Harmony Music with the band thats the best!!!

(oh my god my brain hurts now!)


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my breakfast really is nice,
its not chips with curry and rice,
its cheese of the macaroni style,
itll all be gone in a short while

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