keep the rhyme going!!


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This thread is neglected
I think I might cry
I might resurrect it
I can only try

There's plenty to write about
On this new tMP
Is that the problem -
There's too much to see?

The new arcade games
Provide hours of fun
Though I am no good
At any one!

In virtual charades
We do silly things
To make people guess
"Shrek" or "Three Kings" (mmm George Clooney...)

There are heated debates
We all share our views
Some more strong than others
But don't get the blues

If someone disagrees with you
It's not all that bad
So please keep your temper
And don't go off mad!

We are (mostly) banders
Helping each other
Just like we help
Our sister or brother

Opportunities to meet
Those from far, far away -
Like-minded individuals
Who have things to say

Thanks to John and the team
For this wonderful site
As "Mum" says, let's support it
Get your wallet out, don't be tight!

Disclaimer: The writer of this post may be a hypocrite.


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We're off to t'Albert 'all this week
To hear t' basses boom and sopranos squeak;
To meet one another and hear all t' news,
To see if t' trade stalls match up to t' reviews.
I'm sure there'll be lots of good playing to hear,
And plenty of listeners will consume much beer;
And them in the box will sit there for long,
Only for folk to decide they was wrong!
Let's hope it's a good 'un for all of our sakes,
From that nice Mr Ball - 'im what wrote "Whitsun Wakes",
And let's not spend too long listening out for mistakes,
But admire the playing - they've got what it takes!


I started this thread back in 2004
and just wanted to see If I could try once more
To keep the rhyme going, to keep writing some verse
to write funny lines without a swear or a curse
wow daz i love ur new flash pic,
makes me giggle so much i want to be sick.
im glad you've brought back this thread this eve,
when it stopped bein posted in i started to grieve!

oh the laughs at your old rhymes really were great,
and i was really impressed at my hilarious mate.
i hope that this thread takes off like in the past,
so i have carried it on to see how fast!.......................(it happens):oops:


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Our poetry's back after quite a delay,
So now we must rhyme as we practise to play
All the music we need for the Areas coming,
With all of those tunes we are constantly humming.

We like to be funny when stories we tell
Of cornets and horns, and things stuck down the bell,
Of concerts and contests where much can go wrong,
Of youth, and old-timers who are still going strong.

We have much in common that draws us together -
It may be the music or perhaps it's the weather;
With threads old and new as we all have our say,
We thank John for t - M - P every day ;)

2nd man down

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This thread is a good one it keeps coming back,
but good rhyming is needed you must have the knack,
if you read from the first post it soon becomes funny
i'm laughing so much that my eyes are all runny.
I'd like to take this moment to write a little rhyme,
But it'll have to be a quickie coz i haven't got much time!
For I am off to college soon on a bus that drives dead fast,
but the lesson i have is music and i really cant be a***d!! :rolleyes:

this thread aint as busy as it used to be,
its really quite a shame.
it makes me kinda sad in truth,
that it really ain't the same! :(

daz i forgot to tell you before you move away,
you need to stay here longer for my big 18th partay!
il tell you more when i see you next (and have you changed your phone?),
keep in touch and say hi to tina whenever you're both home!! :biggrin:


Can't say I'd ever seen this thread,
It's thousand posts remain unread.
But whilst on site I'll read at will,
The contractor pays the broadband bill.

And have I yet improved my status,
As I debate adjudicators,
Am I in the mouthpiece circus,
With comments on Butlins Mineworkers?

Am I just another face,
Who once attempted B-flat bass.
Or Sully with his rolling eyes,
A trombonist who may surprise!


Whilst reading through the post before,
I felt I'd raise something you mustn't ignore,
The point of this thread is to rhyme in pairs,
And post your limericks in a threads found there!

Is it not?
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Tim bloke is right "write in a pair"
Anything else just isn't fair
I can't believe the length of this thread
It goes on forever and is storming ahead

We have rhymes about band, gossip and more
Verse about cooking and following a score
Lines about marrying far off girls
and stories with wisdom wrapped in pearls

Some poems are quite random and do make me laugh
Like ones about kittens or a big tall giraffe
Puddles of Champagne lying on the ground
All these and more in this thread can be found

For this must be one of the longest poems of all time
With stanzas and verses and line upon line
Rhymes that are funny, rhymes that are sad
Rhymes that ludicrous, rhymes that are mad

They're all here for Tmpers to see
And hopefully they will make you smile with glee
So lets keep it going coz we're on a roll
With the areas coming they're gonna take their toll

Use this as an outlet of fustration
To write your thoughts and adulation
For test pieces, splits and stupid wrong notes
for second barries or horns and their gloats

Keep it going that's all that I plea
Its not much to ask just a verse or three
Tell us a story or tell us a joke
Its up to you now - the tmper folk

six pints

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I have got an interview tomorrow
the thought of which fills me with sorrow
the problem being when im stressed
i really dont perform my best :(

at least if it doesnt go well
i can move to newcastle
but i want to stay in durham
leaving now would make me glum

Cos durham is a cool place
it puts a smile on my face
its only £1.30 for a pint of carling
so spending a tenner can get you minging

so please, tmper's, wish me luck
and pray that i dont get stuck
on any question that they ask
and that i can complete any task


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Some splendid rhymes are here to find,
some anonymous, others signed.
Some are long and some are short,
though some don't rhyme quite as they ought.

What a talented bunch on tMP,
who post their rhymes for all to see.
I'm proud to join this elite crew,
by posting reply three-seven-two.

The rhymes in here I cannot match,
my poetry is not a patch
on that which has been already written,
though with the rhyming bug I'm smitten.

I am no Poet Laureate,
I've tried my best, but this ain't great
Perhaps if I keep practicing,
I'll get the hang of this rhyming thing.

I'm not a man of words it true,
so to my dictionary like glue
I've stuck myself, to search and hunt
for words that rhyme and those that don't. :oops:

So now it's time to click on send,
and to this thread my post append,
I hope you've liked to read my ditty,
and that my rhymes are not too awful! ;) :tongue:


I hope you've liked to read my ditty,
and that my rhymes are not too awful! ;) :tongue:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

For two of you I'll write two tales,
First DaveR who's rhymes won't fail,
To make me smile, for they were splendid,
I really wish they hadn't ended,

And then SixPints, I wish you well,
Forget the nerves, just give 'em hell,
Act as though it's contest day,
Perform your best, and smile :D I'd say.

six pints

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timbloke, my son, those words worked a treat
for although there are no shoes on my feet
I have been granted my wonderful dream
and I'm so happy I want to scream

My interview, it went ok
and in durham I will stay
And I will do my PGCE
The thought of which fills me with glee

I got into durham!!!!


Well done to six pints a teacher she'll be
and as she said it'll fill her with glee
I'm a teacher and think the job's great
Well if I didn't It'd be far too late

The job keeps you busy there's never a dull day
Especially a music teacher, instruments you'll play
Bits of marking and conduct all the bands
Thats a job in its self, you'll need more than two hands!

Anyway now I'm going off to bed
and lets hope it snows like the weather man said
Coz tomorrow it'd be great if place was all white
Then I might not have to go to school and that'd be alright

Well Worth It

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Darren my friend, I hear you have wed!?!?!
I had no idea, it was Hayley who said.
My congratulations, so late I've gone red.
Here's the number of a doc for your head!


The rumours you hear are correct and are true
Back in July was the big wedding do
One more thing...we're expecting a baby
Due in July, early August Maybe


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How sad it is, this thread has been
neglected, and is no more seen.
I hope that now might be the time,
for people to restart the rhyme.

So pick up paper and your pen
and start composing poems again.
When they're done just post them here,
they'll be enjoyed - so have no fear.

I cannot wait to read your work,
so don't be lazy, do not shirk.
And get your poems for all to see
right here and now, on tMP.


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We finish on Friday for a week off it's true
A tent out in Conway will be home - Yabba Doo!
There's only one thing fills my poor heart with pain
What to do with t'kids if we get caught in the rain!

(Answers please....!) ;)

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