Kaleidoscope/Cov Vars

Ok, I have now had a chance to look at the solo cornet part for Kaleidoscope and the 3rd Cornet part for Coventry Variations and to be honest I am surprised that the 3rd cornet part for cov vars is a lot more difficult than the solo cornet part for kaleidoscope. I would have expected it to be the other way around. I know all the cornet parts are important (before anyone slates me for saying 3rd cornets aint important) and given a choice I would happily sit at the bottom of the cornet section (after 2 years of trying have finally managed it with my band) but i would have thought that the solo cornet parts in a 2nd section piece should have been more technical and demanding (running semi etc, not counting and rhythm) than the 3rd cornets in a 1st section band.

Just my opinion. What does every1 else think?


I dont know about Kalediscope but ive looked at all the cornet parts for cov. variations and i would say that the 2nd/3rd cornet parts are harder than the rep part and just as difficult as the solo cornet parts!! It will take some outfit to pull of a performance of cov. variations.


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To be honest, the bulk of the difficulty doesn't lie in the cornet section. They may be compensating for the extremely difficult section of Celestial Prospect, where we had to play near enough everything!

Although, as it's easy, and sounds nice, I'm very happy! :D

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