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Do you expect to be offered expences?

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ive not really done any depping untill recently, and therefore hadnt given it much thought.

I personally just love playing, and therefore dont mind traveling great distances to play. If im offered something and ive traveled a long way or i have to use baby sitters etc then i will take something if offered, if not im not to bothered but it is nice to be offered.

in one instance i found out recently that a treasurer was embarresed to have offered my what he did when he found out how far i had travelled. i was quite happy to have accepted what was offered because my familly and i had made a day out of the trip, had free entry into the concert etc which far outwayed any cost that we had incoured on the day travelling. Added to this i had had a great day out and met some great people aswell. I think all these sort of things should be taken into account before accepting any kind of payment for
depping. IMHO.


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If I was helping out, and the job was quite a way away, then I would at least be expected to be refunded petrol money for the journey (for me the money would go to my parents as I can't drive yet).
Any other charges i'm not fussed about, but if offered it would depend on how well I played. If I made lots of mistakes and wasn't playing my best i'd refuse, but if I felt it was money well earnt then i'd accept.
(is my view reasonable?)


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Oh and one last thing...
If it was a band that I felt honoured to have been invited to play with, then the experience gained from playing with them would for me far outweigh the need to be paid... :roll:


I don't often dep, but if I do I don't take any money, as playing is my hobby and what I do to enjoy myself - even when I am depping!


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it all depends

i think it definately depends an how well you know the band, as well as how much you do for them - when i depped for haydock i rehe***** with them as well, right in the christmas busy season. still, i wasnt really expecting anything (especially since theyre top section - the honour and enjoyment thing) but they offered and i dont see any reason not to take it, it seemed standard anyway since they were borrowing two or three players.
On the other hand, back in summer of 03 (i think) i depped for a local adult band for quite a few marches and outdoor, informal concerts. they were definately getting paid for all these, and they didnt even offer petrol money - okay, so i was getting lifts, but still. marching is tiring! the fact that i didnt have to rehearse with them made it easier but its a bit rude to just assume someone will help out what you might consider a rival band - if they hadnt done those jobs, our band could've. i wont be depping for them again anyway *shrug*
ramble over. sounds like whoever you helped out was pretty cheeky.


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On the occasions that I have deputised, I've been offered travel expenses but I've always refused. I helped a local band out recently where it was outside in the middle of summer - absolutely meltingly boiling. Wasn't offered anything, not even a drink! It would have been a nice token gesture! There cards are marked!!


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The question was offered on the pole. which is different to whether you accept it. I do think it is more polite to be offered, but i dont always accept. Depends on the band and concert. I dont thinik its fair charging for little church concerts etc but big halls etc then i think its fair enough. (not loads just petrol + a beer)



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It really is a case of firstly wanting to help and secondly being offered expenses. In terms of being poached well that's a very different mater but I'm sure it goes on all the time!!!!!!!!!


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I put yes, but there is a caveat: depends how far away it is and if I have to drive. Unfortunately I am not exactly rolling in cash and it takes a considerable amount of my income to run a car anyway, if I have to drive a considerable distance to dep I would at least like to be offered petrol money. I'd like to say that I wouldn't take money if I've enjoyed myself, but the financial reality of it is a bit different. When I get a nice job then I'll start playing for free!
Whether or not I take any money is one thing, but I think it's rude not to offer expenses.
I know that my old band are skint, so I wouldn't take the money even if they offered it, but that's because they're from round the corner, I'd been there for years etc.
I've done jobs for bands and not even been asked if I need any expenses, which annoyed me. As it happens, I wouldn't have taken it but it's nice to be asked!

However, I think that if you make it clear that the band are skint and ask people if they'd mind doing it for free beforehand, most people are normally OK about it. I think it's more about the gesture than the money!


My feelings on this are that I am getting the enjoyment and experience of playing with another band and conductor therefore I am willing to spend a few quid on attending a rehearsal or two and the job in question.

Always nice to be offered expenses but I have never taken them, only the odd beer.

I'm probably just odd in that I was happy to do this sort of thing when I was significantly less well off than I am now.


could this possibly be amended (or another post opened to ask) "would you like to be offered expenses or payment?"

Back onto the thread as it is... as a young player i have always felt that playing for another band is a bonus, because:
A. It shows that you are considered good/respected enough a player to be asked (the better the band the better it feels)
B. Playing with other bands often gives you an opportunity to play music that you have not played before and may want to play with your own band/ in future
C. It is FUN :D (both socially and musically)


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euphfanhan said:
I'd pay the band to have me! ;)
What as in youd bribe them to let you play or theyd ask you to dep an then youd pay them?
Anyway on topic i have no idea ive never depped,noones stupid enuff to ask me.


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All the bands I have helped out recently have been fairly local, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. I don't have a car at the moment, which makes helping out both time-consuming and expensive. On this note, I'd accept any offer of expenses from a band, as I havn't yet been able to obtain a money tree.

The last band I depped with were very helpful - organised a lift from a local player, playing with them never cost me a penny. If they had offered anything, I would have refused.


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I would expect at the very least good hospitality.

I would always turn down a cash offer although (depending on travel distance) may accept help towards fuel costs.

To not be offered anything in return for your effort is simply bad manners. And to a certain extent bad manners not to accept a small token of appreciation.