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it would be quite useful if there were some way to skip to a certain page. like when there are hundreds of pages and if you want to go straight to page 50 or something, it's impossible (or i've never figured out a way to do it!) If this is possible, it would be greatly appreciated (particularly on the members page)


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Hi Louise...

What exactly are you referring to here? Do you mean when there are multiple pages within a single thread and you want to go straight to page 50 etc...?


yes musicman. I sometimes have that prob. Like say theres 25 pages on one thread, u have to scroll through them all to get to the middle one. Takes ages sometimes


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Aha.. I understand now... :wink:

I have seen a code modification that adds a new middle section to the page nuber list you refer to which would indeed make it far easier to search through threads with a large number of pages... you then see something like:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,.....23, 24, 25, 26,....55, 56, 57, 58

I'll have a look at how easy/difficult this is to implement... we'll see... :lol:


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If you're good at quick maths, do this...

Open the relevant thread.
The address at the top should be something like this:


"t" is the topic number. "start" is the post number in the thread that you are starting viewing at.

So, multiply the number of the page you want to be on by 15, put that number in place of the number after "&start=", then press enter.

You're there!
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