John Storey


Does anyone have any contact details for John Storey, principal euph with the Coldstream Guards? I need to get in touch with him quite urgently.

Cheers for any help posted/e-mailed.
Hello there!

Hope you had lots of fun in Scotland, you and my boyfriend were enjoying bocing eaching other about Imps!

Anyways, his sister is in first year at my uni so if you still haven't managed to get in touch with him send me an email and I'll get his phone number off her.



Thanks folks.

Jayne, I will maybe follow you up on that offer, depending if I get a reply to the email i've sent him.

Cheers for now.


Hi Jim,

I live down the road to John's other sister Kate, if you don't get a reply from the email can call at her house later perhaps and send you the info on here ?


Cheers Richard,

I'm going pursue this further this weekend when I get a bit more time (School Xmas concert this week...aarrggh!!). I'll probably be in touch............

Thanks again. Hope you're well.


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jim, how ya doing? Glad life's still busy up there!! poor old school concerts, still maybe not as bad as that time we played the descant in St. john's with college choir!!!

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