John Fletcher Biography

I'm in dire need of a biography of Fletch for my A2 music cwk, and im struggling to find 1 on the net. ive scoured google quite thoroughly, but can only find the same information as out of the 'Best of Fletch' cd inlay. i need a slightly more detailed biog if possible. can anybody help?

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There's a great book comiled by Philip Jones called
which I recommend you buy.

It's still available from;

Just put John Fletcher in the search field and you'll find it.
June Emerson have got a great reputation for excellent service so you should get it pretty quickly.

I've also found this site which I didn't know existed until 30 seconds ago;
There's some useful biog. information there to help you.


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Hi Ben,
I've got the book and accompanying CD if you want a borrow, and also the Philip Jones Story which has a couple of mentions in.

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