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link -> JeuNaturel wooden tuba mouthpiece 4B ergonomic rim

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Wooden tuba mouthpiece 4B ergonomic rim

This mouthpiece produces an full, warm tone and has a strong projection. The ergonomic rim is designed to follow the shape of your lips, it provides great comfort and will improve your high register and your agility to move through harmonics.

Cup width 30,50mm 1,201 inches (denis wick 4, bach 25, JK T8, yamaha 64 size)

depth 31,00mm 1.220inches

throat 8,40mm 0,331inches

If the specifications of this model does not suit you ,you can ask for your own custom model to be made .The price will be the same and every sizes and specifications are possible for all brass instruments.

Made from beech wood , an hard wood that have a very good mecanic resistance and provides great acoustic transmission ,the grain is fine and gives smooth surfaces .

Wooden mouthpieces gives a mellower , more velvety timbre than the brass ones and the lip comfort is improved by the pleasant contact of the wood and the fact that it is nourished by a balm that hydrates your lips as you play .The touch feels softer and less slippery than a plated brass ,that improves the precision of your lip moves and gives you a better support ,therefore a better endurance.

The whole mouthpiece has been tempered at hot temperature in beewax ,this protects and raincoats the wood deep inside , then on the surface a balm is applied to give you extra comfort .

Your mouthpiece comes with a tube of balm made from beewax and almond oil, it is designed to keep the surface of your mouthpiece well waxed .

It also comes with a pouch for transport and a leaflet that explains how to maintain your mouthpiece.

Handmade in france.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need .
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The wood is treated, Stan; it's hot-soaked in beeswax, and as the mouthpiece cools, it sucks the beeswax deep into the grain, making it completely waterproof. Then the outside is coated with a balm of beeswax and almond oil, to make it comfy on your lips - and the maker suppliers you with a tube of the balm to keep it in good nick.

If I recall correctly, I think that Mesmerist has used a Jeu Naturel mouthpiece, and got on very well with it.

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I did remember correctly, Stan - Mesmerist bought one from Jeu Naturel; here's the link to the thread in question:

And from what it says after it arrived (very slooooooooow postal service), she really liked it. But it might be worth you sending her a PM if she doesn't respond to this thread.
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Thanks for the heads up Jack. I'm just interested/intrigued about these mouthpieces at the moment. Like the time when I found out that you get them in plastic.

Jack E

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Me too, Stan.

Mesmerist's comments about hers made a favourable impression on me, as did the one from Mello, who used a rosewood one on a tenor horn. Mello said that he had problems with it in wet weather, and with it retaining moisture, but I don't think it had the waterproofing used on the Jeu Naturel ones.

I'm picking up my new (to me) B & H Regent baritone on Tuesday :) :), and I want to try it out with the two mouthpieces I've got (a Wick 6BS and an Alliance B6) and see which one works best for me before considering whether to shell out on a wooden mouthpiece or not. There are lots of conventional mouthpieces on the market which are a heck of a lot more expensive, but the Jeu Naturel ones still aren't cheap enough for me to buy one without being sure of the size and shape I want first.

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Very nice. Is the wood 'treated? Won't it swell if it gets damp/wet?

Thank you for your interest, i understand that you could be concerned about humidity or temperature changes.
I chose beech on purpose because it is a wood that is very resistant ,to mecanic efforts and to temperature or humidity changes, to give you an example it is the same wood that is used for the famous Opinel knifes handles and you can let these knifes outside in the rain all winter and find them still in perfect shape, and it never gets bad with time, the handle keeps in great shape after decades and decades.
On top of that the mouthpiece is dipped in a beewax hot bath to remove the air in the wood and protect it from the humidity to get inside so it is perfectly raincoated from the inside.
The mouthpiece is sold with a maintenance kit to keep it well waxed and oiled so it remains perfectly raincoated and smooth on the lips.the maintenance is simple,fast and doesn't need to be done often.
And these mouthpieces are life guaranteed so basicaly you don't risk anything.

Don't hesitate to ask others questions if you have

Kind regards

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