Sold/Expired Jeunaturel wooden trumpet mouthpiece 1C


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trumpet mouthpiece 1c jeunaturel wood


JeuNaturel beech wood trumpet mouthpiece 1C

This model produces a rich, dense tone and has a great projection, it is designed to be very agile moving through harmonics, with easy chops and easy high pitch register .The generous rim will provide you great comfort .

Cup width 17,00mm 0,669inches (bach1 yamaha15 schilke15 comparison)

C cup depth 12mm/0,473inches ( medium bawl)

Throat size 3,80 mm / 0,1495inches ( medium opened)

Don't hesitate to check the models on my shop.Custom models on demand

Made from beech wood , an hard wood that have a very good mecanic resistance and provides great acoustic transmission ,the grain is fine and gives smooth surfaces .

Wooden mouthpieces gives a mellower , more velvety timbre than the brass ones and the lip comfort is improved by the pleasant contact of the wood and the fact that it is nourished by a balm that hydrates your lips as you play .The touch feels softer and less slippery than a plated brass ,that improves the precision of your lip moves and gives you a better support ,therefore a better endurance.

The whole mouthpiece has been tempered at hot temperature in beewax ,this protects and raincoats the wood deep inside , then on the surface a balm is applied to give you extra comfort .

Your mouthpiece comes with a tube of balm made from beewax and almond oil, it is designed to keep the surface of your mouthpiece well waxed .

It also comes with a pouch for transport and a leaflet that explains how to maintain your mouthpiece.

Handmade in france.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need .


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I have one of your flugel mouthpieces. I love it (although I am currently not playing my flugel because I am on cornet).


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Yes I remember your nickname, glad that you are happy about your mouthpiece, i'm putting great efforts to satisfy my customers. If you want a cornet mouthpiece i'll make you a discount since it will be your second one. Kind Regards

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