Sold/Expired January Sales!

James McFadyen

New Member
Elegy to the Victims of Iraq WAS £30.00 - SALE PRICE £18.00
Dreams are to be Without Motion WAS £30.00 – SALE PRICE £18.00
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose WAS £30.00 – SALE PRICE £18.00
Calon Lan WAS £30.00 – SALE PRICE £15.00
Flower of Scotland WAS £30.00 – SALE PRICE £15.00
Chords of the Aztec WAS £30.00 – SALE PRICE £18.00
All music is sent out by First Class Royal Mail free of charge.

BUY NOW, PAY LATER – Enjoy these titles now and pay 14 days later, regardless of your credit standing.
OFFER ENDS 31st January 2004

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