It's me last!


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I am a tMP veteran of 2 and a half years and a lifetime member of the Salvation Army at Cardiff Canton playing in the Senior band for 32 and a half years

I am tall dark and handsome.....well tall, used to be dark and my avatar does not do me justice!

I was born the year before Wales last appearance at the (Soccer) World cup.
I am a sports fanatic, mainly soccer but really any sport except those involving horses. I still play soccer (the mind is willing) for our band/Corps team. I play in a local squash league - currently in division 12 (of 21) and play tennis (mostly badly) in the summer.

I have played tenor horn since I was seven, dabbling with French Horn between 12 and 18. Although not playing much outside Salvation Army circles I have played at a pretty high standard, being principal horn at the (then) National School of Music 'A 'band alongside (name dropping) David Dawes, Kevin Ashman, Andrew Justice, Simon Hogg, Carl Woodman and my cousin, Carl Saunders.

I love brass bands, although preferring playing and listening to live performance rather than recordings.

I really enjoy the 'fellowship' of tMP: the diverse opinions, humour and sometimes wackiness.


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Cantonian said:
I was born the year before Wales last appearance at the (Soccer) World cup.
Crikey. That must make you about 137! :sup

Not really much point in saying hello seeing as you've been around here as long as I have but: