It's germ time again!


stephen2001 said:
Well, it's fresher's week at Uni, and I alrady know plenty of people with the "Fresher's Flu"!

I've still got Fresher's Flu... been at Uni for weeks now and it wont budge! (Am at Nottingham Trent, btw... just up the road!)

And as for beer being a cure :guiness ... I think maybe it was the copious amounts of alcohol I put away in the first week that left me a bit on the 'susceptible-to-anything' side... :hammer.

I did take some precautions though, and register with a doctor... tis a most surreal experience standing in line with total strangers while you all wait to pee on a stick to check if you're normal. You'll be pleased to know that apart from there being too much blood in my alcohol system, I am as normal as they come! :bounce


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The problem with freshers flu is that it goes round and round and round and round. You get it, pass it on to someone on your corridor/flat, you recover, then they give it back to you!!! Of course random pulling won't help either.

My experience?
Sleep a lot!!!
Sleep with the window open to keep the air in your room clean.
Whisky and Curry cures all!!

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