Is tMP Addictive??

Is tMP addictive?

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Lothianh said:
How is that pronounced? Is it "tee-em-pea-erholic", or is it "temp-erholic"??? :wink: :D


There was a bit of a debate recently on how people say tMPer. Personally I am a tee-em-pea-er and maybe even a tee-em-pea-erholic as well! I think some people where saying tMPer as thumper or something similiar
Be strong guys - I too was once addicted (average 16 posts a day at one point!). My secret has been to avoid the crowd in random & off topic who drag you into daily banter and association threads. Get yourself over to the rehearsal room and you'll soon be OK. :D


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Is tMP addictive? Let me's 5.10am and I've logged in before I go and pick up the bus to go down to Swansea (5 HOUR JOURNEY BTW - TO GET TO OUR AREAS??????!!!!!! Somebody's having a laugh somewhere!), I guess that means I'm addicted then! ;)

At least it's 80 less posts to catch up on when I'm back on Sunday night!


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Tell you how addictive this forum is - just been doing revision notes on the temporomandibular joint or TMJ (the jaw joint for normail folks!) and instead of TMJ I kept writing tMP!!!! Mustn't do that in the exam!

Rach x


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Is it addictive?

The kids either end up not getting their tea till very late, or its stuck to the bottom of the pan! :oops: You just sneak on for "a quick look" and before you know it, hours have passed. :?

PS. Is there a forum for tMP spouses? (or should that be spoose, or spice? :roll: ) :lol:

Dave Payn

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I've decided that whilst tMP is great, maybe it isn't so addictive. I've spent the last week away from work with a bout of food poisonong. ('Is the bottom falling out of your world? Then come and eat at the PRS canteen and reverse that feeling.....') and though I guess I looked somewhat glazed and distant when I turned up to Stevenage yesterday, perhaps through withdrawal symptoms (nah, couldn't have been. Our band didn't withdraw!! Ho ho ho!;-) or the fact that 10 minutes in Stevenage is enough to make anybody look disorientated and glazed, I've survived nearly a week without tMP and don't.....feel...... the need to ....................AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! Nurse!!!!!! I've succumbed again!!!!!!!!! Nurse!!!!!!

2nd man down

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Nah, addictive my armpit!! I'm only on 7.71 posts per day he he...he he...he's just a good buzz, i can handle it..


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At an average of 5.24 posts per day I could hardly be considered an addict. Oh, time for a fag and a pint - be right back. Doh!!!


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YES :-? Thats why im stood in an internet phone booth in leeds while vickitorious is rehearsing for the finals !!:shock: :D


Yes!! playing the tune thread helps lift gloom when it rears its ugly head. Other thing you have to be careful of is posting threads that are a bit to cheesy.

Lil Miss

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is Tmp addictive??? Hehe course it is. U make lots of friend in different countries and get to chat about music, what more can u want???:D :D :D :D


tMP is addictive - I always have a look most days just to catch up on the latest news, gossip, discussion and its good to relax to aswell!
Lynichie - you'll be glad to know that I've combatted my addiction! Ha!

I was once addicted but can safely say that I'm a recovering addict. Just pop in approx once per month but to be honest I find that if you're not an addict and not here frequently then it's very difficult to get involved, you miss what has been said before and often repeat things.