Is this the most bizarre carol request ever?


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To set the scene; Saturday just gone; a group of 10 of us are playing carols in the local Italian restaurant, to raise money for band funds. After a couple of carols, and the very cheesy "Ballerina" paso doble (as requested frequently by the management!), this elderly bloke taps me on the shoulder and says "Could you possibly play a few bars of "The Severn Suite"? Do you know it?".
I was so stunned I stood there llike the proverbial goldfish, mouth wide open, and eventually mumbled some excuse about not having the then he says "Pity. Beautiful piece of music, you know."
All I could do was nod weakly in reply!
I mean, you get people asking for the Floral Dance and stuff like that, but..........:?:
Hehe LOL :lol:
We played this concert where we played Melody Shop, Vitae Lux, Paganini 18th Variation. All pieces, which non-brass audience would like, except.... Concerto Grosso by Bourgeois! So after the concert was finished, I asked my mum what she liked the best. (I have to say, my mum listenes to oldies, 70s hits, pop and so on. Not brass nor classic ever at all!).... And then she answered: "Yeah, I really liked that Concerto Grosso, it sounded so good, why aren't you playing this at every concert?" I just shook my head at her... Next day I played Blitz and Dove Descending for her, just to see, if she totally had changed her taste of music. But no, she only likes Concerto Grosso......


I played in a 10 piece gig the other day and some old biddy asked for Floral Dance. After I politely explained we didn't have the music her husband (very seriously) said "Do you the 1812 overture?"

Whilst we had a kit player, he wasn't quite up for that!



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when we were out playing in a few pubs in manchester the other week, a not-too-sober young chappy asked us for for a thing called love by the darkness... so we did.. in 3 part harmony :) he gave us a tenner ;) best!

and a few weeks ago, at ybs' christmas social dinner, a few players from a local band came in and started playing a few carols. We requested blitz and apocalypse, but apparently they'd never heard of them :( and they left, completely oblivious of who they'd been playing for!

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