is this flugal range unusual ?


i thought cornet and flugel ranges were suppose to be similar?! (may be wrong) i know i can get to top D on flugel and top E if im on a really good day :shock: lol and about the same on cornet slightly higher on trumpet its easier. :)


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bladder said:
If you're doing it properly it doesn't matter what m/piece you use.
im sure roddy would back me up that you should be able to get the same range on any mouthpiece you use (as long as its not a sop mouthpiece in a tuba etc..) The mouthpiece just changes the tone colour, although some mouthpieces would make it difficult for endurance in certain ranges


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I suppose it is quite unusual for a Brass band Flugel player, but that is not to say it's wrong. Provided he's making a reasonable sound on whatever mouthpiece he plays on all power to him I say.

Whilst I agree with Nadia and Bladder (great name for a double act! :lol: ) I found my range on Flugel improved when I changed mouthpieces - perhaps more psycological than anything else :dunno


i agree with Aidan. The mouthpiece (to me personally) only changes the tone... your range is just down to your embochure and diaphragm (i think)


CaharleyFarley said:
skweeky said:
Trumpet players however dont seem to mind about how good or bad they sound.

You obviously havn't been listening to decent trumpet players.....

Just because i said they dont "mind what they sound like" because it doesnt really matter. That doesnt mean that some of themdont sound great :D

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