Is The Wessex eeb tuba different from low priced tubas from China ?


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Jonathan imposes quality control, as do other importers. If you buy sight unseen direct from China, you may end up with something unplayable and find yourself without an easy way to either get your money back or get the instrument changed.

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Our Band purchased a Wessex EEb over a year ago and have been very impressed with it. Extrememly good value.
You pay extra compared to other Chinese made instruments because you have the Wessex guarantee and service.


I tried them out at Butlins this year, and our band bought one as a result. I have also played it in a couple of concerts to give it a bit of a run out and was very impressed with it. Very well balanced to hold, sounds great, good valves, blows slightly differently to a Sov in places, but once you're used to it it really is money well spent.


Until very recently, the same tuba. Wessex do not have their own but have an "off the shelf."
That is just not correct. The Wessex is far from the same tuba!

The Wessex EEb is made to our specifications with around twenty improvements over the standard Chinese product like the Coppergate (everything from new leadpipe to use of better quality components). Plus we have strict quality control - carefully inspecting and play testing every one before sale. This ensures you get a much better tuba than cheaper alternatives. And we back this up with a 3-year warranty.

Wessex are increasingly being recommended by experienced teachers for their pupils as good playing, reliable and affordable instruments.


From the sales talk to my personal thoughts...

I am personally proud of the Wessex EEb tuba. We started 2 1/2 years ago with a surprisingly good playing, but rather roughly made tuba with clanky valves - and now sell something rather special. Quality is much enhanced and although only a third the price of top brands, it plays in the views of some professionals at least as well, if not better.

Birmingham professional Ian Foster is to play a Wessex EEb (by choice) in the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra auditions for which he has been shortlisted.

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