Is she wearing glasses?


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To be fair to the woman, it probably gets everyone's attention in the Harrow Councillor meetings... I don't think I'd be able to look away!!!


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:-D HaHa Scott Mills from radio One rang were she works on air 2day, to ask if she wore glasses, and to my shock she actually does :lol:

Well Worth It

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Dame Edna Everage meets 742 Squadron.

She better not look at the sun otherwise she'll melt her eyes with the magnified beam.

2nd man down

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Linda.Taylor said:
All of them on the website look like they have been beaten very badly with an ugly stick :hammer :hammer :hammer
Yeah, I think they've all taken a tumble out of the ugly tree and smacked their faces on every branch on the way down!! LOL LOL LOL!!!


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She must feel really bad about having been picked out from that bunch! Anyway, at least now she's famous... just wait for the Biography!!


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Or "I made random groups around the country talk about me without even doing anything..." the story of the laziest superstar in history...


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