Is playing music an interest?


Last week i bought a new printer, and following installation it came up with the usual "Now Register Your Product" blurb. usually i click the remind me later box, but this time i decided to click the register me box.

following filling in my personal details it asked me what my interests are. But none of them related to creating music. It had eating out, cds/videos, etc.. etc... but no mention of making music. or even painting. no mention for that matter of anything artistic or creative.

not wanting to suggest that they are missing out on a large percentage of the nation, but isn't that a little stupid. or do they think that being creative isn't important.

if i'm anything to go by i do 8 things in my life on a regular basis - sleep, work, eat, play in some musical ensemble or other, spend time with girlfriend/other friends/family, surf the internet, watch tv occasionally, go out and get drunk. Usually in roughly that order, usually combining a few.

But it is quite a major part of my life.

Not important to Mr Market Researcher.

Unlike "stocks and shares".
im 19 and ive done music since i was 7 starting with piano, then learning trombone at the age of 9, musics a huge interest 4 me and any pc software or hardware which dunt have music on it shud b kicked in2 touch, especially with stuff like sibelius and cubase u'd think music wud have been noticed on it.

Dave Euph

Of course it's an interest! There are several reasons for this relating to me:

- I came to university to do music because I enjoy it. I could have done a computer programming course or any other computer course and possibly had an easier time. However, those courses interst-wise so I did what I enjoyed instead.

- I get bored over holidays when I'm not playing in ensembles or I'm away from where they all are, so I usually try to arrange to go for a blow with other bands around the area to 'interest' me.

- Finally, when I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of months back I was depressed for a few weeks. I found that by playing my euph it eased my state because I was distracting my mind with something I found interesting.

I don't think questioning whether playing music is an interest, maybe it just isn't wide-spread enough for market researchers to care.


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they're only going to ask you about things they can send you adverts based on... not many software companies have a deal with courtois....


lynchie said:
they're only going to ask you about things they can send you adverts based on... not many software companies have a deal with courtois....

I totally agree. Making music, painting pictures, etc, doesn't involve spending huge sums of money (except for those of use lucky enough to have our own instruments and that's a one-off spend), so they aren't interested. Consumerism is all!


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Music definitely is. And for many, like myself, it's not only an interest but a lifestyle almost.

If i'm not in the classroom study music, playing in a band or practising, i'm at my computer arranging or composing.

And with any luck and I work hard, I might one day be able to incorporate music into my career.

SO i agree, why isnt it on these forms???

Probably just yet another way musicians are neglected... :evil:

Rambo Chick

yes i love music and i also love painting too-creativity is sadly neglected in some areas but appreciated in others-especially by avid family members! :D


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Being Creative means challenging the accepted norm and making decisions based your own criteria- not what your average marketeer wants.
Rejoice in being a little special (in the best possible sense) :twisted:

BTW, input from any Marketing professionals on tMP would be very interesting. How are musicians viewed as a cohort?
Would have to say that music is quite a big interest, well it would have to be otherwise it would be a waste of time for me to be doing it at uni. :D

Bob Sherunkle

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We in the Pearly World are in a very similar position to you in this respect. Ignored or belittled by the general public and marketeers and forced to live in our own little worlds wearing out-dated uniforms.

To be honest, round our way Pearlies are more popular than bands.

Lets unite and fight back. Is there a band arrangement of Roll Out The Barrel? We could get the Morris Dancers involved too.

Luvverly Jubbly


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