Is it to early.................?


to speculate what will be the area " minefield's " next, someone must be prepared to hazard a guess a couple of weeks before they are given out.

Anno Draconis

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Yes :D

Although I've heard a rumour which I hope is true, RSA's criminally underperformed 'Seacapes' for the top section. Fab piece. I'll certainly be showing my face in the town hall for a listen is this turns out to be true!


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I heard that one too. Hope it's true!

I don't know if I was correct to just take a cryptic hint on FB to mean Symphony of Marches for first section... Something about "march on down"...


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Heard the whisperings on Seascapes too, wouldn't object to that.

Also heard 2nd maybe something to do with a phoenix?


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