Is Gary Fountain the nicest man in banding


After spending a few nights with Gary (sop at Travelsphere), I have come to the conclusion that he is a cracking bloke who also plays an unbelievable soprano cornet. Just thought i'd post this thread (my first ever) in the hope that he might read it, or hear from someone who reads it and thank him for being a superb dep and a fantastic fella.

Thanks again Gary for your help.

John Doyle.
Flugel with Black Dyke



TOTALLY agree with all of the above-
Gary Fountain AND John Doyle- 2 of the nicest (+ most talented) people in banding!

Red Elvis

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Have never met or played with Mr Fountain either but have heard many good things about him from both SA and contest band types.


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Lots of nice guys in banding and Gary is one of them.

Met him on a few occasions but and remember at this years Shield when we came 2nd to qualify for the Open, he and a number of guys from Travelsphere were amongst the first to come up, shake hands and offer congratulations outside when we were all celebrating. Considering they came 5th and were probably a bit disappointed not to get back in the Open after a good performance, this spoke volumes about good sportsmanship and spirit shown by some bands.

Gather Gary is back with Kettering SA Band now which is good and nice hear he is doing stuff with Dyke...brave man to keep Mr Roberts seat warm!


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I have had the pleasure of knowing Gary Fountain for a while now and can confirm he is infact the nicest and most humble Soprano player extraordinaire you will ever meet.


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