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Hello One and All,
My name is Richard(Dick,Rick,Rich but not so)I am currently the repiano cornet player with a virtually unknown band in the Leamington area.Cubbington Silver Band.Even so at the moment we are the premier band in the district.Having won at Wychaven and having the best soloist and best percussion in the 4th section.Last year we came 2nd there and also 2nd at the Leamington Open last year.8th in the Areas at Burton.Not bad for a band that has only recently started contesting.
I got roped in to play for this very progressive band one Friday evening,when a friend of mine,who is now the principle cornet player for the band,asked me to come along and have a listen.When I arrived,he asked what instruments I had with me.The answer was,both cornet and flugel.I ended up playing flugel.But at the time was undecided whether to play for the band or not.But after a little cohearsing,I buckled and as mentioned,play Rep for them.To say the least,I am thoroughly enjoying playing.I also help with tuition when asked.Considering,I have only been playing 6years after a near 26 year break.
At the recent Pontins contest,I was asked to play for a 3rd section band which I gladly did.What an experience!!!!!!!!!!This is the 1st time that I had ever played at Prestatyn.The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic.Not only playing,but the socialising was out of this world.I was surprised to see so many old friends from when I was in the Army.Even though I left the Regimental band many years ago.I then joined the skin bashers(Corps of Drums)
Anyway,I am not going to bore you anymore.
Happy Banding........Richard......CubbRep


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Hello there and :hi Richard, Dick, Rick, Rich. ;) Nice to see another member on from around these parts. :)