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Hi All...

Well what can we say... the "6 Months Live" Awards proved phenomenally successful and I think it was enjoyed by everyone who either took part or just fancied watching the whole series of events unfold. Some fantastic threads were posted, we had great fun and we are very grateful to everyone who took part in this event. Congratulations to the winners eh... just goes to show what fantastic camaraderie there is here on - a BIG thankyou to you all... give yourselves a clap... :) (btw... the Award Prizes are on their way... watch out for the update)

OK... here's the latest news. Following the success of the "6 Months Live" Awards - we have decided to launch a regular competition to be held each month - commencing on June 1st 2003. The questions will be posted at the beginning of each month and you will have all of that month in which to take part and complete the test. All the results, prizes and winners will be posted on the 1st day of following month. We will also keep a history of past winners... maybe this could be you...!!

We have managed to secure a few modest prizes for the winner(s) but we're always after more if you're feeling generous and would like to donate a prize :wink:

So, make sure you have done your research and keep a keen eye out on June 1st for the 1st "tMP Monthly Competition" :lol:

We hope you enjoy this new feature....
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