Interesting/strange/just plain weird playing habits....

I have a sort of ritual i have to perform before each time i go to play!

1. Open each water key (even if there is no water to be let out) going from 1st valve to third valve to main water key.
2. Wipe the inside of my mouthpiece with my right thumb in a 'scoopy' action(this causes problems coz my thumbs are well known for being a slightly unusual shape and they don't fit in my new mouthpiece so i can't 'scoop' at it and get it dry!! :x very frustrating!)
3. Wipe my mouth dry in a rather un-ladylike fashion!
4. Lick my lips to make them slightly 'sticky' moist. Just enough to make a seal.

The mouthpiece is the most important thing though!!! I simply can't stand a dribbly mouthpiece when you go to play!!

You think some of yours are bad!!! I don't even notice i'm doing it!! :oops:


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Hmmmm.....I tend to blink violently when there's a loud percussion bit, cue the rabbit in headlights look (although noone at tHB has actually noticed it yet!)

Rach x
Lauradoll said:
Kerwintootle said:
There is also one thing that really cracks me up people who grunt while they play. More likely to be back row cornet players or horn players who grunt on the beat whilst they play off beats. It's so funny.

Or basses.

Grunt chuck grunt chuck. Well funny!

Basses don't play off beats :twisted:


hee hee you lot are funny- me just normal-

- moisten my mouthpiece in a lollypop fashion,
- then put it up to my lips- and take it off- back up and down[just to check my lips are still there!] then play

Oh- and i have to empty my water key ALL the time- and if i put my cornet away and havn't done it i feel like i have commited a serious crime!! i cant go anywhere till i do it- its like i can hear the spit gurgling even though i am not playing it :shock: :? :shock:

ok so i am a freak.....i can live with that......
Okiedokie of Oz said:
Well, we can.....we just choose not to. We can also play the high note that the sops miss regularly, but we also choose not to do that too.

In your dreams maybe :lol: :wink:

Okiedokie of Oz

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I never said I played the note on a tuba now...I said tuba players can get the notes!

Actually I'm rather proud of myself. I was experimenting with the mouthpiece thing today on the band's old imperial sop, and I hit top B! Not bad for a tuba player!


Whenever I get to a slow melody bit my right elbow gets a life of its own and gets a bit excited and 'expressive'..

big twigge's eye thing was of particular amusement when she sat opposite me. She also twitches one nostril..(but i think that was just to make me giggle and put me off :shock: )


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No bobbers yet!
nor do we yet have any ceilí-band foot stompers..

they must be in denial..

(am impressed with the single nostril twitching. I can do both, but not one at a time)


Hilary Mateer said:
Basses don't play off beats :twisted:

It's hard enough trying to get basses to play on the beat- bless 'em.

Our sop player has a bad habit of rolling his eyes when he goes high. Looks kind of possessed and freaky to anybody looking on.

Also one of our former 2nd cornet players had a really bad habit of tapping her foot quite loundly. It used to send vibrations through the floor resulting in music stand wobble for the front row. Like a mini earthquake in tempo with the music!

Funniest though has to be percussionists. The faces our lot pull, (when they aren't showboating); girmaces, bitten bottom lips, tongues sticking out or just mouths gaping open. Makes the rest of us feel semi normal.



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Kerwintootle said:
Whilst watching the European DVD from last year I noticed a couple of players licking their mouthpieces rather fondly like a lollipop just before they were about to play.

Erm, I'm guilty of doing this sometimes, but I'm told it doesn't look much like licking a lollipop... :shock: :oops: