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My baritone is insured separately for a bargain £35 a year. It's covered in car, house, contests and anywhere else it needs to be. Brass Band Insurance Services are really good (details already been mentioned). Even when my baritone had an "accident" on a drunken birthday night out, they coughed up to get my bell and leadpipe straightened!! :D :?


Thanks everyone! I think I will contact my home insurance provider again, maybe even call into the local branch on Saturday and tell them that it seems other companies WILL cover instruments and see if they can sort anything out for me. If not, I will contact a couple of the companies mentioned.


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MRSH said:
For professional musicians the main problem with insurers is the Personal Injury aspect.

Not quite - Personal Accident cover generally has a restriction - for example, my own policy has a £5,000 limit and it doesn't cover consequential loss of income.This also refers only to the insured him/herself.
All other claims for passengers & other third parties would be dealt with under the thrid party liability section and negligence would have to be proven for a claim to succeed. If a passenger is a musician, then they may be able to look for loss of earnings subject to proof of negligence.

As with any insurance policy, this is all about the risk to the insurer, based on their historical experience of claims. The lifestyle of certain occupations also comes into play - if you shop around, you'll find some companies will insure orchestral musicians but not rock bands.

Finally, not mentioning you are a professional musician would be treated as non-disclosure under a motor policy and the insurers would have the right to cancel your policy from inception. In a similar way, you would not be insured to drive to and from a paid gig in your company car (if you have one with the day job most musicians have to have!) unless the insurers were aware of your secondary job.

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