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I recently purchased a Taylor Trumpet, and it is such an amazing instrument, I thought it deserved a review and a little publicity on this site, as they seem to be an almost unheard of make.

Ok, here goes, my first review... be kind! :wink:

Instrument: Trumpet

Make/Model: Taylor London

Key: Bb

More Info: Click Here


Not one to usually start off a review, but in this case I think it's important, as they don't look like your average trumpets, as you will find out if you visit the Taylor Trumpets website. In my opinion they are beautiful, especially the Chicago II Custom, but they are very much an acquired taste.

But they are - in theory - customisable to look however you like. Examples of some of the custom shop models can be found on the website.


When it comes to intonation, I love my taylor. Apart from the obvious alterations you have to make on most trumpets (ie low D's / C#'s), the rest of the range is pretty much as good as you'll find.


Heavy casings, recessed top caps, weighted bottom caps, titanium chunky finger buttons.

The valves on my Taylor are amazing, they blow my teacher's Strad out of the water. And the valves are even better on the newer models than my (15 years ish) old one as they are now hand made valves as well. They have never failed me yet, and even with the chunky finger buttons, they are the fastest i've ever come accross.

A cool little feature as well is that the recessed caps (as well as adding weight for a more secure and darker sound) mean the finger buttons "dissappear" into the valve block. A poor description I know, but if you saw the instrument you'd know what I mean.


Once again, the slides are great. They take no effort to move. Though this has at times been a pitfall, as I have to use a laccy band to stop the slides from escaping. But I suppose this is the price you pay for having perfect slides.


Heavy casings, recessed top caps, weighted bottom caps, titanium chunky finger buttons, 50% thicker bell, oversized bell rim thickness, 100% thicker than normal main tuning slide bow, extra thickness mouthpiece receiver, heavyweight mouthpiece.

Again, not a common heading, but probably the most important concept with these trumpets.

These trumpets are MUCH heavier than mainstream trumpets. My mouthpiece alone is getting on for the same weight almost as my old Yamaha student model!

This is because the thicker material means less vibrations are able to escape, meaning more of the sound you produce makes it out of the bell. This makes the instruments much more efficient as you play them.

Also, the thicker material "colours" the sound, letting more of the lower frequencies remain, meaning that the sound is "darker" and "warmer" than on conventional trumpets.

One point that also needs to be mentioned, is that it will take a little while to adjust to the weight of these instruments. I went through a few weeks of shoulder-ache while getting used to supporting the extra weight.

The Taylor Chicago II Custom weighs in at around 4lbs!

For more information on the reasoning behind these new designs in trumpets, check out the Monette website.


The projection on these trumpets is amazing. I can project over a full size orchestra with minimal effort. And you can play as loud as you like and the sound does not "break-up" or get brash and harsh.

This is also helped by the larger than normal bell. The Taylor bells are around 5 1/2", which helps with projection, and helps darken the sound a little more.


The sound of this trumpet is beautiful. Mellow, Dark, Warm. One second you can be screaming like Maynard, the next you could be in a smokey blues bar...

It really is that versatile. And it is also the closest trumpet I have found to even be able to think about replicating a cornet sound.

But one strange effect of the sound of this trumpet is that it "envelopes" any other trumpets. If you are playing as part of a section, your sound will be much more distinguishable than those around you. You don't need to play any louder than your colleauges, the sound just "carries" better. This is because of the way the heavyweight construction and other concepts affest the sound. Check the above link for more info if you haven't already.

With these trumpets, you can choose which m,aterial your bell is made out of as well, giving you further choice as to the sound you produce. Current options include Yellow, Gold and Red Brass or, in the custom shop, Copper.

I must add that the Red Brass bell looks beautiful when heat treated...


Overall this is an amazing trumpet. Handmade, customised if you like, and at a VERY reasonable price...

Bach Stradivarius = £2000 list

Taylor Chicago = £2300 list

I want ramble on anymore, I think I have made my point about how good these trumpets are. And granted they aren't to everyone's taste, but if you don't check them, out, you are doing yourself out of an instrument which could make you re-think how good your beloved trumpet now REALLY is...


This is a picture of my Taylor London by the way. :wink:


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Well I now own a Chicago Custom 470 bore and am finding that everything you say here is true... brilliant!!! :tup


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Ha thanks... I must point out that my horn is 3 1/2 years old too!!! But it's nice to affirm something rather than slate something in my opinion.:cool:

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