Instrument Quality

Instrument Quality

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The older Besson instruments are very impressive, but the quality of the past 10/15 years has been very suspect. The new production line seems to have sorted this out (having examined a number of very modern Besson instruments).
Courtois are very impressive, but Yamaha takes it for me - they are very consistent and can usually be played straight out of the box.

The main problem with this poll is the limited manufacturers.
Where is Bach, Getzen, Taylor, Schilke etc?

The highest quality of any instrument maker I have come across are Eclipse instruments ( - hand made and simply superb. The flugels are (in my opinion) the finest flugels on the planet and they are currently working on a cornet (due for release next year - when it is available I will definitely be posting a review for you all).
The trumpets have only been around for a couple of years and have already established themselves as being the very top of the game.