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Instrument Quality

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Ooold topic!

Besson build quality in the past few years has been pants. Take a lot to make me buy Besson again!

Dave Euph

I wouldn't like to say ... I know professionals and virtuosi on all three. Personally me for me I like Besson, not too keen on Courtois. Yamahas are nice though ...
I've played on all three (cornet) and it's easy to decide which one's best, Has to be a Yamaha! They're a great instrument, they look good, and I've never had problems with it, unlike a Sovereign.
my old round stamp besson is the best i've played besson for me!

but if you're talking about current new instruments...i have not got a clue as i can't afford a new one! :p


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Are you polling for best or worst quality?! :lol:

Seems to vary hugely from instrument to instrument, so difficult to say one manufacturer is better or worse overall. That said, have known SOOOO many people have problems with Bessons, especially all the batches of "lottery" instruments.


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and depends what instrument you have in mind...
What's good for an EEb Bass may not be for a flugel or sop...

Having said that, am happy with my new Besson - although slightly worrying plating problems appearing on the leadpipe.
Hmm when i played cornet, nothing i tried beat my round-stamped sovereign- it was soooo smooth! :D

As for flugel, i'll have to go with Courtois. Tried the Yamaha and it wasn't my cup of tea but it's finish was very smart indeed. As Naomi said- it's personal preference.
The plating is very poor on my Courtois though. It was very nice clean etc. when it was new but now it's unbelievably worn- down to the brass!!! I might post some pictures because i don't think you would believe how bad it is! The actual instrument is supurb though apart from the finish of the silverplate. It's the nicest flugel i've played. I had a Bach Strad before and that is excellent quality also- the silverplate is perhaps better than the although it does go quite dull. The Courtois silverplate is very nice and bright- if only there were a bit more of it!! :roll: But overall the best instrument is Courtois.


yamaha out of them three for me... im not sure if Courtois even make a sop?? I play a shilke at the moment and it is far easier to play than the yamaha and sounds so much more full and sweet. But thats not an option :lol:


I've played on Yamaha and Besson and I still prefer my Kanstul Cornet. Too many cracked high A's with the Yamaha. My Kanstul Flugel is also a great player.


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Keppler said:
and depends what instrument you have in mind...
What's good for an EEb Bass may not be for a flugel or sop...

I agree with Kepps...

For example, I would never play a yamaha tenor horn or EEb bass, but I do enjoy their baritones and euphoniums.

The Besson EEb bass seems to suit me fine. For tenor horn I could go with a besson or courtois.

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