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Littleborough Public Brass Band are looking to set up a new 'intermediate band' to add to our already thriving junior section. I have identified in our area that (apart from school bands) there is no continuation in place for players who have progressed through the junior ranks, but are not ready for the 'senior' band.

With this in mind I would like to set up an Intermediate band, primarily focused for the players who are more advanced than junior level, but not yet ready for the step up to senior level.

I am therefore appealing to the members of tMP for help to set up this project. I am looking for any donations, be it music, instruments, stands or accessories to help me set this up.

I have looked into Lottery funding and the well appears to be dry! if anyone has any other suggestions for funding then please let me know.

The main thing i am looking for is donations. Anything will be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Matthew Bailey.


i know that at one time it was either Rhodes or Besson had a deal on that if you traded your old instruments in you'd get a discount.

Now the instruments that were traded in were up for donation to new starting bands.

I'm sure someone out there knows what the deal is.

satchmo shaz

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hi there I had some grants from the childrens fund and also Derbyshire community foundation, also our council have been very good to us. I also bought cheap stuff off ebay

BTW i have a tatty but intact bass drum, free to a good home!

Okiedokie of Oz

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I am currently in the process of updating a lot of our instruments. With the exception of a small handfull, a lot of our stuff is 20+ years old. We did just donate a rather tatty trumpet to a local school, so maybe I can twist the committee's arm to letting me fob off some Yamaha cornets.

The only problem is it'll be a year beforee I can safely see what is needed and what can depart our beloved band. So let me know in 12 motnhs how you go......


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