Instrument Cleaning

Some one at rehersal said to me the other day, that they "had just cleaned there instrement for the week"

so was wondering how often they should be bathed basically, as i have heard horror stories of someone who brasso'ed there instrment once a week, and it ended up callapsing on them :shock:

and any tips etc would be greatly appriciated 8)


Something I read on another site (somewhere) was about the benifits of cleaning vs. the risk of damage. The bigger your instrument is, the more likely it is to be damaged, so once or twice a year might be acceptabe for a full wash out of your bass, once a month for your cornet. If you've ever had to manouvre a BBb into a bath, you'll understand that one!

I just stip them down, and stick them in a bath of luke warm soapy water, and use a flexible brush on the leadpipe, valve brush on the casings. Have rarely had to use polish. If it's cleaned regulary, soapy water will keep it clean.


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One problem with using brasso or similar is that you can be making a rod for your own back - once you've used it, it will tarnish more quickly. I would go along with Despot and his suggestion of soapy water. Another trick for the external surfaces of large instruments is one I picked up from the bass players in the guards: keep some newsprint handy, and if the instrument gets wet, if out in the rain etc, use it absorb the water, and to buff up the shine - saves a lot of effort later on, and can be useful immediately after washing the instrument as well.


One thing to remember when cleaning an instrument in the bath is don't use water that is too hot! You could end up dropping it - that should sound good on the insurance claim.

I found that using a shower hose without the shower attachement on was good for getting a jet of water around some of the bends.

Also I have used an old towel at the bottom of an enamel bath to stop scratching either the bath or the instrument. Ended up with a soggy towel but parents weren't angry!
thanx alot for ur suggestions.

will let him know that he is being a bit to cautious with his cleaning.

hav taken great mental note of the "After playing your instrument remember to loosen the valve caps by half a turn" from the link - as i hav the proberlem at the moment of a stuck valve cap :oops:

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