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Hi All...

I have had several e-mails from people trying to register with us here at who use AOL as their internet service provider. It seems several people who use AOL have experienced some issues when trying to register and subsequently post or reply. Here's what I can suggest in the first instance ...

If you use AOL and you have trouble with the registration process (i.e. you have completed the online registration form but the link sent to you in the activation e-mail doesn't work), please e-mail me as soon as you can at and I will activate your account manually for you. I will then contact you via e-mail/MSN or if you prefer - by telephone - to confirm this has been done. You will then be registered and you should be able to login using the user name and password you selected during the form submission process.

What I suggest you do then is to use IE or NetScape www Browser instead of the AOL browser…! Try this …

  • ==> Launch AOL, dial in with AOL, launch IE/NS, browse using IE or NS.
This has worked in every case so far...

If you use AOL and still experience probs... please let me know…:)



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Now that I have upgraded tMP to use the latest stable version of the software, this problem seems to have been fixed and has gone away.

If anyone still experiences similar issues when using AOL, please contact me and I'll do my best to get it sorted for ya.


AOL failure

Unfortunately, there are still problems when using AOL.
I've been using IE only to make posts , but if you try to use AOL browser then this is what happens... You can log on.. but when you try to make a post sometimes it repeatedly asks you to re-enter your password. Other times you can write a message or reply but when you press submit you are again asked for your password -you enter it , then it asks again and again - the message you entered just disapears.

The only solution is to use another browser.


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