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Of the many brass bands that have flourished in Britain over the last 150 years very few have documented records covering their history. The Extinct Bands pages in the IBEW are an attempt to collect together information about such bands and make it available to all. Over 2,300 extinct bands are recorded there, so far. Information about overseas brass bands is equally welcome.

Any contributions of material, information, pictures, or suggestions, references etc. are more than welcome. Where the material warrants it, a separate page or archive will be established for particular bands. Various bands have changed their names several times over the years, which makes tracking them down more difficult. Any details of "family tree" relationships between bands and their names will also be valuable.

The approach I have taken with the IBEW is that the Extinct Bands pages deal with the bands that are genuinely no more or which have lost their identity through amalgamation or a significant break in activity. This may be arbitrary at times, but I'm always willing to be persuaded otherwise.

For all current bands, appropriate entries are made in the Brass Bands Genealogies pages providing details of their previous names and, occasionally, short notes on their history. I tend to leave the fuller details to the bands themselves on their websites.

Finally, if any band appearing on the list is still active, please let me know!
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It's a bit disturbing to see two bands listed on the first page (A-C of extinct bands) and to know I was a member of each of them when the folded. :eek::(


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May I gently suggest you look no further - to be in one band when it folds is unfortunate, to be in two is a coincidence, ..........
Absolutely brilliant to see you joining in on the Mumsie bashing club here Gavin. She deserves it all ... :):)


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I find this a facinating area, trying to understand why these bands are disappearing. Its a sad fact really though, because of the decline of industry, and other means that so many bands have vanished. It's also interesting to read how many "new" bands have the word "and" in them.

I find interest in Ayrshire in particular, where at the beginning of the century there were as many as 40 bands, now only a handful remain, its a very interesting research topic indeed.
Hate seeing it happen, some people revive bands which is good news, look at Aled
Williams, he bought back Abergynolwyn Silver Band, admittingly they are going through a rough stage now, but it will (hopefully) be back on its feet again soon :)


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