Info - Stantonbury Festival (R.S.A) - please


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Considering Butlins mineworkers next year, Any info on the piece chosen for 4th section?

Stantonbury Festival - Ray Steadman-Allen.

Many thanks in advance!


All I can remember is that when we did it, I played out of tune for nearly the whole of the slow (2nd I think) movement :oops: And the last note in the piece was one of the best I'd ever played!! :D

But that's not much use to you really :D :roll:


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Memories...This was my first test piece I ever played, from what I can remember the 1st movement is a bit repedative, tis a typical band piece, fast slow fast. Nearly sh*t myself on stage because there is a bit in the last movement when a motif is passed down through the band, gets to the bit where its only euph and bass and the other players don't play, my first contest...gave me the biggest fright ever :p

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