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Motorists were led on a mystery tour after a police officer accidentally switched on a "Follow Me" sign.

Five motorists took the instruction to heart and tailed the police Volvo for seven miles.

The Essex police officer, now dubbed the Pied Piper by his colleagues, noticed the convoy near Maldon and pulled over.

Essex Police say the motorists were "very understanding" when the mistake was explained to them."


A court in Luxor, Egypt has sentenced seven policeman to six months each in prison for impersonating a suspect at a trial.

The officers resorted to the ruse after their detainees embarrassing escape from custody on the eve of his court appearance on drug charges in 2000.

They persuaded a colleague to pose as Mohammed Sami but another defendant who knew him gave the game away.

Sami who was eventually recaptured was finally sentenced to ten years inside."

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