In the house


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homicidalbennyboy said:
But the Minstel's so friendly, i don't want to give it back to WhatSharp? :cry:
**whispers what ya tell her that for!!**

thats no ordinary rat that! ohhhh noo its a killer rat that one. not one ov em pet fings. ist a twained killer!


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:eek: Really!?

OK, Seedhouse.. You know you said you'd protect me? Well, will you stand gaurd at my bedroom door tonight please?


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ooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo seedhouse will you stand gaurd at my bedroom door tonight please? like that'll help!

this rat aint no oooooordinary killllller rat! ooh no! its an SAS rat this one. ohhhhhhh trained to kill at the slightest twitch this one is! can sneak into a room even with a guard on it this one!


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Kitten said:
Well since you know so much about it! You can help Seedy to gaurd my room!
Not even im that brave dear!

you wont =catch me anywere near your room that rat seems to have taken a likeing to you!I for one aint gona get in its way!
your on your own kid!


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Kitten said:
OHhhhhhhhhh i dont think even homicidalbunnyboy could protect you from this here evil killer SAS rat!
I mean the traing this rat has recived from HM Trainer of rats is second to one in the known world!
t would be like suicide to stand and fight it!


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I'll protect you! *Dons his Superman outfit*

You've got nothing to worry about though! He may be SAS trained, but he doesn't go around hunting people! :wink:
Don't worry! :D

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