In search of a recording of Culloden Moor.

Last rehearsal our MD pulled out Gareth Wood's 'Culloden Moor' for us to blow through. We all enjoyed it and hope to really work on it to play at Own Choice contests for the coming year.

I've been looking everywhere for a recording of it because I think it's a cracking piece but haven't been able to find one anywhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions???


Mr T.

Dave Payn

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Tried searching the PRS/MCPS database and nothing. The database does have a few gaps in it, though. Anyone else? Great piece.

Will the Sec

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East London Brass have a recording of it from Folkestone a few years back. (Probably Harrow the same year as well, come to think of it.)

Does that count?


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it was an areas test piece a few years back wasnt it.. so presumably it will be on one of the areas cd's (or did they not do them then..?)


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It was '97 I think Aidan, don't think the CDs were made at that time.

Cracking piece though.

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