In need of a recording...

Nigel Hall

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I don't think so - It's a shame because that and his "Hinemoa" are great test pieces and just don't seem to be used very often.
Keith Quinn probably has the largest collection of Brass Band recordings in the UK, if not the world.......definately give him a try, indeed I shall ask him this evening if he is at practice.


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Or you could PM Highams, he has a very large collection of recordings as well.
Best of luck with it.


euphoria - I cannot trace Gareth Wood's Introduction & Allegro being recorded on LP.

I believe the only LP recordings of his solos are Concertino for Horn - Parc and Dare, Decca SB336, and Concerto for Trumpet - Desford Colliery. Decca SB328.

Seedhouse, for the record (no pun intended), the Highams site you refer to shows the details of my collection of records and cassettes. Highams (Charley Brighton) hosts it for me.


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