Im Back! wot should i look at?


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okie dokie, hellooooooooooooo!

im back from the lake district! altho down side is my arm is now in a sling, coz its badly bruised or summat like that (according to the doc at the hospickle)

ok soooooooo many things have changed round here, i dunno where im goin on this site any more. so if theres been any interestin topics posted within the last 2 weeks that are worth lookin at, could someone post a link or summat in here for me???

thank you!!!



Welcome back! As far as i am aware you haven't missed too much, will try and have a think but most of the interesting topics are still on the first page.


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:-D yeah i had lots of fun! twas good! arm still not good, but better than it was, still hurts, so still takin the painkillers wot make me sleepy. :)

anyhoo anyone thought of any interestin topics that i can look at??? surely there must be summat interestin to look at

Naomi McFadyen

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Yea i was tired posting as well... as u noticed when I didnt put up my site address in the website updates thread i did... :? geeeeesh


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