If you're interested....


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I think that this is getting a bit silly
Its so cold outside that its a bit chilly,
I'm posting a message on the mouthpiece.com
lets be american and call our mum mom!

I'm posting more often, this makes me glad,
calling Roger Mr. Blobby, must make him mad!
There's so many members, its taking to long
ask us nicely for a YWD thong Visit Us!

Its snowing out side, and thats snow joke (sorry!)
Bet you're all asking, who is this bloke?!
If a fight's what your after,
A fight I'll evoke!

c ya!!!



the mouthpiece dot com is my friend
you're guessing when this sh%te will end
I'll give you a clue
it's not down to you
if I don't stop I'm in the deep end :!:



Limericks are a form of art
I know you must not give a fart
I've tried my best
but now I must rest
my mum makes a nice apple tart :oops:


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I wrote this one a LONG time ago...

The once was a young man called Stu,
Who loved to eat modelling glue,
But he ate some Britfix,
And got in a fix,
So now he sticks to UHU!


The real bugbear is I can't post the best limericks I've heard because there are kids on here. I have to post the lame efforts that arrive in my head :?


Just for the hell of it...

the mouthpiece dot com is just great
my bass just arrived in a case
while cornets are sound
and the euphs are around
playing Bass is a matter of fate :twisted:


Can't stop now, all the fault of the person that started this thread...

While playing brass is a blast
when competing we hate coming last
we all want to win
is that such a sin?
put losing back in the past :eek:


I hate this compulsion to limerick but..

the mouthpiece dot com is the place
to wipe the smug smile off your face
the talk's about brass
not about your fat arse
if you've got a big gripe state your case :)


aargh, can't stop now....

the mouthpiece dot com makes me laugh
I can't allow this, not by half
I spend my whole life
just avoiding my wife
if she saw me this year she'd just barf :x


and completely finally,

there was a Bass player from Scotland
who lived on an Island near Ireland
he loved limericks
but he knows he's a dick
must give up, will give up, that's for sure and..

Roger Thorne

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The Bad Poet's Society.com

. . . would like to officially welcome 5 new members to this elite group

The Bad Poet's Society.com
Would like to announce that from
Today we invite, 5 more members to write
As badly as they possibly can?

We'll first introduce Satchmo Shaz
She conducts and likes to play jazz
Although what she wrote, was not her own quote
A good sense of humour she hazz

Twigglet was next to submit
And added her own brand of wit
She thought poems were bad, and I was just sad
But now she has added her bit

Rutty came in and swept the floor
With a poem he wrote many years before
It was something to do with modelling glue
It was awful, so give us some more

Bennyboy was to be the next
With a few lines of rhyming text
With his sarcastic wit, I must admit
I'm feeling rather vexed

Frisp was next to have a go
And boy did he put on a show
Every poem he wrote was bad
It really, really is quite sad

He got a bit excited
Submitting his limericks
I think he's found another hobby
Where he can get his kicks

His limericks go on and on
He's really quite resiliant
I know he written loads of them
But they really are quite brilliant

So all you budding poets out there
That have'nt had a go
Now's your chance to show the world
On the Bad Poet Societys' Show

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Roger Thorne

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One for the road, then I'm off to bed . . .

There was a young man called John
Who invented theMouthPiece.com
Beyond all his dreams, and behind the scenes
His site has gone down a bomb.

Cheers John! :wink:


Ode to Roger

Us aspiring poets who like to write
have been trully inspired by all your s***e
it really is genious i'll hand it to you
but how could live up to it, nobody knew

All we could do was have a go
the worst poetry we could think off we put on show
but although our attempts were quite glorious
Roger Thorne is always victorious!


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I'll thank you all for this award,
I'll safely say, that I'll never be bored,
With Roger the lauriét,
giving us a happy day,
I'll go mental, and thats assured!! :D:D