If Tredegar don't manage top 4 at the nationals t was a fluke at the open!

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Tell you what.......

Was tredegar's win at the open a fluke?

[link removed]

You decide.

mod edit: if you can prove these recordings were legal, you may repost the link
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I really wish people would just get over this now.

Tredegar won - end of. Deal with it and move on. Congratulations to them- a brilliant bunch of musicians who are doing extremely well. The grapes are beginning to smell extremely sour on this thread.......


Yeah, agreed. I must say, if we'd got this level of criticism after winning our areas I would be even more inclined to think contesting was a waste of time (yeah I know, it's not really the same). The game is played by a set of rules. Either play and be a good sport when you don't win, or don't play. Criticising the rules is one thing, but saying the winner was undeserving is really bad sportsmanship and actually undermines any future win you might have.

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Besides the organizer, I think you have to get permission from the band, the publisher and possibly also the composer.


Nope. When The band enters the contest they sign all their performance rights away to the organisers.

As there was no official recording made of the contest for release there would be no legal case to fight regarding the performance rights as no one stands to loose financially. At the end of the day if it's on YouTube any issues would have to be sort and resolwd through YouTube and the user. It is not the responsibility of this forum to try and moderate links to youtube, it's not your issue nor ever could be.

If there had been a recoding made of the contest for sale then perhaps you may be a little more in the right, but as it stands here you should allow the link to remain. No legal issues could ever be brought, and any threats Would be empty as no loss has been made by any party.

It will only add weight to Tredegars argument her as they played very well.

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