Ideas for Oboe and Violin solos accompanied by brass band?

Has anybody got any ideas about possible solos for either Oboe and Violin that could be accompanied by Brass Band. A few are obvious, this is what I have come up with so far!

Gabriels Oboe (Morricone)


There is also something out of Cry of the Celts I seem to think would work.

The reason for all of this is...

I have just had a new collegue start teaching at my school who until a year ago, was a professional Oboeist and his wife a Professional Violinist.
With the commitment of teaching, they do not find much opportunity to play in large concerts... this got my mind working (and by jove did that hurt!).

I thought that by adding a couple of numbers including these intruments would add another dimension to our concerts. I know it has been done before so I am just trying to find out other peoples ideas for repertoire!

Thanks in advance guys!!

James Pearson
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How about Canteloube's "Bailero (Shepherd's Song)" on oboe, and I should imagine something like "Share my yoke" would go alright , so long as the accompaniment is thinned out.

For violin, what about the "Meditation from Thais", or "Lark in the Clear Air"?


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How about the band playing Blaze Away as you set fire to the oboe and the violin! :lol: :lol:


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Re: Ideas for Oboe and Violin solos accompanied by brass ban

jimmythesaint said:
There is also something out of Cry of the Celts I seem to think would work.

The original performances (and recording) of Cry of the Celts by YBS featured extensive fiddle work in a couple of the movements. There seem to be multiple versions of the piece, with different instrumentation.
How about Schindler's List for violin. There is also an arrangement of the finale from Mendelssohn Violin Concerto for Eb horn idea what key it is in and how easy it would be to put the violin back in though.

Was it the Brideshead Revisited theme that had a big oboe solo? I'm sure that must've been arranged for band if it is.
I have a recording of the Royal Marines Band playing 'The Ashokan Farewell' which is a 'nice' piece of music. On this recording a solo violin is featured.

Paul Drury
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lynchie said:
Czardas was a violin solo originally wasn't it? :wink:

Czardas, Zeigunerweisen plus a few others that have slipped my mind at this time are all originally violin solos

After swallowing all my pride I can say that I reckon only the violin does them full justice. - Brass Band accom. would probably contrast well with the string timbre.


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jambo said:
None! Arrange away but a violin and a brass band? U gonna mic it up?

Shouldn't be much different from accompanying a flugel or a euphonium solo. The difference in the timbre will make the violin stand out somewhat. If a violinist can be heard above a full orchestra when playing a solo, they can probably be heard above a band (asssuming that the band is a little bit sensitive, which may be too much to ask :) )
Thankyou (most of you! :x ) for your serious replies. Keep them coming cos' I think I might be on to a good one here!!
Thanks again! :p

Will the Sec

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DP arranged a Double Violin Concerto with 10 Piece accompaniment. (Can't remember the composer.)

If you ask him nicely. he might let you borrow it...


Back in 1976, Hanwell recorded an LP with Meditation (Thais) arranged by Geoffrey Brand with Rodney Friend as violin soloist from the London Philharmonic.
Eric Bravington was General Manager at that time.


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finally remembered what I'd heard as an Oboe solo... Carnival of Venice. Heard a recording of some russian guy playing it on the radio a while back and it was awesome!

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