I need to contact Stewart Thompson


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I hope that one or more readers of tMP.com can assist me in contacting Stewart Thompson. I believe that he plays Euphonium for the Cheshire Constabulary Band, and that he was also recently appointed to the post of Musical Director of the Nantwich and District Wind Band.

It is very important that I be able to reach him via e-mail, or that he e-mail me as rapidly as possible. If by chance you know Mr. Thompson, please ask him to contact me as quickly as possible at the following e-mail address:


Thank you!


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Thanks for the tip ....

Dear "Westbury Kid" --

Thank you for the hint as to where I could find Mr. Thompson's e-mail address! I did indeed find it! :D It's a different e-mail address than the one he has registered at eBay and to which I have sent previous messages.

I've sent him a sixth message (the first to this new address) asking him to provide me with the amount of shipping charges, the acceptable methods of payment, and the payment address for an eBay item which he listed and for which I was the high bidder. (I want to send him money, and it appears that he doesn't want me to!!! :?: )

I'll add again that if anyone knows why Mr. Thompson might be unable to reply -- illness, accident, extended travel, etc. -- please let me know so that I can advise eBay not to take action until we straighten out this situation.


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